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We offer highly functional DC drives, dc motor drives, variable speed dc drives which are used to control motor speed i.e dc motor drives. In addition to the ability to expand the standard functionality, the standard version can be expanded to handle higher-level software applications with built-in extended technology software. These drives are extremely flexible and cost effective in any application.

Technical Specification :

These drives are used for an assortment of industry applications. Salient features if the product includes following :

  • Rugged, compact design
  • Accessory faces readily available
  • Straightforward operation
  • Simple installation
  • Energy efficient
  • Less power consumption

Features :

  • Extremely fast control characteristics
  • Current & Torque rise time is less than 10ms
  • Input range from 400V to 830V
  • Can be integrated into any automation environment in all industrial segment
  • Extremely quick & Simple startup
  • Extremely simple operator control using a unified operator control philosophy
  • Provide top performance & intelligence
  • Innovative BICO Technology
  • Flexible & Cost effective
  • Higher noise immunity
  • Can be internationally used
  • Output range from 6.3KW to 2000KW

Typical applications :

  • Main drives for printing machines
  • Rubber and plastics industry
  • Traction and hoisting drives in the crane industry
  • Lift and cableway drives
  • Applications in the paper industry
  • Shears drives in the steel industry
  • Rolling mill drives
  • Winder drives
  • Dynamometers for motors, turbines and gearbox test stands