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We are deal and service provider of G 120 AC Drives. SINAMICS G120 is a modular drive inverter system that comprises various function units. These are essentially :

  • Control Unit (CU)
  • Power Module (PM)

The CU controls and monitors the PM and the connected motor in several operating modes that can be selected.
SINAMICS G120 is especially suitable as universal drive in the whole of industry and the trades, in sectors such as automobile, textiles, printing, chemical as well as in general higher-level applications - e.g. in Dust Collector, Conveyor etc.

Technical data :

  • Rating : 3Ph(380VAC - 690 VAC ±10 %): 0.37kW to 250 kW
  • Basic Components : Control Unit + Power Module (PM240,PM240-2 PM250 or PM260)
  • Commissioning Software : STARTER Software or Drive ES Software

Application Area :

  • Pump and Fans
  • Compressors
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Automotive
  • Chemical Plant
  • Steel
  • Textile
  • Printing


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We are deal and service provider of V 20 ACdrives. Sinamics V20 is a simple and cost-effective drive solution.

Voltage and Power range :
1AC 200 V - 240 V, ±10 %; 3AC 380 V - 480 V +10 % / ±15%, 0.12 kW - 15 kW (0.17 HP- 20 HP )

SINAMICS V20 has a compact design, and can be individually adapted to the particular application or user requirements using various options (for example, an external BOP, connecting cable, filter, braking resistors, shielding, ..). The compact and rugged devices are tailored for operating pumps, fans, compressors and convey or belts as well as for basic drive applications in the process and manufacturing industries.

SINAMICS V20 – an overview of its strengths

Easy to install :

  • Push-through and wall mounting – side-by-side possible for both
  • USS and MODBUS RTU at terminals
  • Integrated braking chopper from 7.5 kW to 15 kW (10 hp up to 20 hp)

Typical Applications :

  • Compact designs that allows individual adapting to particular application / user requirements using options like connecting cable, external BOP, filter, shielding, braking resistors
  • Compact and rugged devices tailored for fans, operating pumps, compressors and conveyor belts
  • Also suitable for basic drive applications in process & manufacturing industries


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The flexible, modular drive system for sophisticated tasks

The SINAMICS S120 drive system is the basis for industrial, high-performance applications in the fields of mechanical and system engineering. Numerous harmonized components and functions are available to design optimal solutions.
SINAMICS S120 provides powerful single drives and coordinated drives (multiple-axis applications) supporting vector or servo functions. It covers the 0.12 to 4,500 kW performance range. SINAMICS S120 offers a broad range of cooling concepts.

SINAMICS S120 AC Drives - for integrated drive solutions

SINAMICS S120 is a modular drive system with servo and Vector Control and is the SINAMICS product which is most suitable for demanding drive applications in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering. The SINAMICS S120 AC Drives especially supplement the DC/AC units with a central power infeed and a DC link in types Booksize and Chassis for multi-axis applications. Optimally tailored integrated solutions can be designed for any type of application based on this building block system.

The ready-to-connect SINAMICS single drive with integrated power infeed

SINAMICS S120 AC Drives are designed for single-axis applications but can also be used for multi-axis applications. This means that it is just as easy to find reliable solutions for positioning tasks for single axes as it is for synchronism and motion control tasks. In multi-axis applications with spatially distributed drives, distributed solutions based on SINAMICS S120 AC Drives offer a practical alternative to a central drive solution with a central infeed and a DC link thanks to the integrated power infeed.

Sinamics S120 Power ratings :

AC/AC single-axis and DC/AC multi axis drive units

  • Power range : 0.12–4,500 kW
  • Line supply voltages 230 V, 380-480 V and 660-690 V (50/60 Hz)
  • Servo, vector control, V/f control
  • Induction and synchronous motors (incl. torque and linear motors)

Applications Area :

SINAMICS S120 means increased machine performance in many sectors - whether continuous material webs or cyclic and high-dynamic processes, for instance in :


  • Packaging machines
  • Plastics machines
  • Textile machines
  • Printing machines
  • Paper machines
  • Hoisting gear
  • Handling and assembly systems
  • Machine tools
  • Rolling mills
  • Test stands


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We are deal and service provider of Micromaster AC Drives. The MICROMASTER 440 has been specially designed for those applications which require broader functionality and a greater dynamic response than is usually the case. The sophisticated vector control system ensures a uniformly high drive quality, even when sudden load changes occur. Fast response inputs and positioning deceleration ramps allow movement to target positions even without an encoder. power range starting at 0.12 kW (0.16 HP) and going up to 250 kW (350 HP).

Technical Data :

Voltage and power ranges :

  • 200-240 V, ± 10%, 1 AC, 0.12 to 3 kW (0.16 to 4 HP)
  • 200-240 V, ± 10%, 0.12 to 45 kW (0.16 to 60 HP)
  • 380-480 V, ± 10%, 0.37 to 250 kW (0.5 to 350 HP)
  • 500-600 V, ± 10%, 0.75 to 90 kW (1.0 to 125 HP)

Types of control :

Vector control, FCC (Flux Current Control), multipoint characteristic (Parameterizable V/f characteristic), V/f characteristic

Features :

  • Handling wide voltage fluctuation
  • Features for uninterrupted environment
  • Can be integrated into any automation environment in all industrial segment
  • Extremely quick & Simple startup
  • Extremely simple operator control using BOP or AOP
  • Provide top performance & intelligence
  • Innovative BICO Technology
  • Flexible & Cost effective
  • Simplicity in parameterization
  • Power saving
  • Can be internationally used